Our policy is to focus on food and wine quality and services, all our products will be from Emilia Romagna origins.  The goals is to be able to express with the territorial quality the identity of our region using products capable of telling about the territory and the history of our lands. Varietal identity of the area's , trying not to forget about a whole series of small handicrafts productions, smalls not for quality but for extentions, numbers of producers or only for less been known, however they create excellent typical products of our traditions, the results of a deep relationship with the land.

We decided to focus on the food quality, knowing well what we are giving to our customers, starting from the flours chain, which comes from a family mill situated at bologna, flour produced with indigenous grain, fresh pasta , everything related to the bakery and confectionery  will be prepared in our kitchen. The wines will be from emiliano Romagnolo territory like the cut meats, cheese,and the vegetables.
At Al Cairoli it's possible to have launch or dinner or it's possible to order and take away any food of choices, like possibility of eating while walking through  the beautiful center streets, in its appropriate take away cans. Our license allows us to be able to retail any products ranging from wines, oils cheese and cold cuts, all rigorously from territory, IGT DOC DOCG

Our client will have the possibility to taste typical kitchen, from Cappelletti, Tortellini, tagliatelle etc..... Piadina, Crescentine, Tigelle, all historical products of our region. Tourist loves our food and we will give them the opportunity to choose between our typical region dishes, all served by excellent wines..

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